30-Day Declutter Challenge

It’s the middle of January and by now you’ve probably broken one or two of your resolutions for the year or maybe you’ve ditched them all!  I’m not really one of those people that makes a long list of resolutions every year on January 1, but I did make a goal this year to get a grip on clutter in my home and keep things organized.  I am normally a very organized person, but my oldest is getting married this year and my youngest is graduating from high school, so I feel like my brain is being pulled in 50 different directions all at once.

I found this great printable list with check-boxes (yah!!) Checking things off a list is fun!

30-day declutter challenge list

The part I like the best about this list is that you can start any time.  You don’t have to wait for the first of the month or join a Facebook group with others and then feel bad when you fall behind because, well, life happens!  So, print it off and hang it on the fridge or put it on a clipboard and then get to work.  I may not declutter one area every day, but some of them are quick and easy enough to do a couple in a day.

Another great idea while you declutter is to have a “donation” box or bin so that when you come across something that is too nice to throw out, but that you don’t have a use for any more, you can make a donation to your local thrift store.

A few good questions to ask yourself while you declutter:
1.  How long has it been since I used this item?
2.  Do I like it?
3.  Does it work properly?  Is it broken?
4.  Do I have more?  If so, how many do I need?
5.  If I keep this what will I get rid of to make room for it?
6.  Can I locate this information elsewhere?  (Probably on the internet)

Happy Decluttering!



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